What to do in your garden in May – Perth Gardening Tips

What to do in your garden in May – Perth Gardening Tips

If you are wondering what you should do in your garden this month to help it thrive and prepare it for the winter season, read on.

May is the last month of Autumn here in Perth, the weather is cooling down and as gardeners, we’re getting ready for the winter months. 

In this blog, we will cover what needs to be done this month to get your garden ready for winter…

Find The Best Lawn Mowing Service Based on Cost, Issue, and Other Considerations

What to do for lawn care in May.

1. Now is a great time to apply foliar fertiliser to your lawn to give it the boost it needs to thicken up and help it combat any weed growth and invasion.

2. It is also a good time to start mowing your lawn at a ‘longer’ or taller setting to help it catch as much light as possible during the winter months.

3. Weed removal. During winter, lawn growth slows right down but, unfortunately for gardeners everywhere, weeds start to sprout and increase thanks to the increased moisture. To keep on top of weeds, the winning strategy is to manually pull them out by their roots or mow them before they have a chance to seed. Of course, an alternative (that we prefer to avoid) is to use a chemical weed killer. If you do choose the chemical path, contact professionals or make sure to wear protective clothing and equipment. 

Yes, the ‘by hand’ method will always be more time-consuming but it is effective – along with being much better for the health of the soil and planet. 

Garden Maintenance Perth

What tasks you should do in your garden in May.

For all you green thumbs out there, now is the time to take cuttings from your natives to propagate them, planting your cuttings directly into some quality propagating mix for best results.

Some other garden tasks are:

  • Prune spent flowers in ornamental plants such as roses, salvia, buddleia, etc. 
  • Prune hydrangeas back 
  • Prune trees and taller shrubs. It is a great time to prune them back to open the foliage so the winter rain can penetrate the soil more evenly – this will also make them less prone to winter storm damage with less foliage and branches able to be affected by wind. 
Plant in your Garden in May

What should you plant in your garden in May?

May in Perth is a great time to plant new natives and trees to give them a chance to establish during the rainy season. With the increased and more consistent watering, they will be stronger and more able to resist the heat and drought come summer. We all know the extra time and care it takes to keep new plants healthy and growing during the Perth summer heat! You can also plant dormant stocks, bulbs and trees during this month. 

For those with edible gardens, some ideal vegetables to plant in May are:

  • Strawberries
  • Potatoes
  • Leeks
  • Onions
  • Chives 

May is a great time to get out in the garden with the cooler days, so grab a hat and some gardening tools and spend some time preparing your garden to thrive during winter.

If finding time to garden is too hard right now, have a look at our Garden Maintenance Packages to see how our expert gardening team can help you out – and you can enjoy a happy healthy garden without picking up a single gardening tool in May! 

February Gardening Tips to Make The Most out of Perth’s Summer Season

February Gardening Tips to Make The Most out of Perth’s Summer Season

Australia sees very dry weather during this time of the year with February being the last month of summer.

It is our goal at Perth Gardening Company to provide garden owners with timely and proper guidance to ensure that your front and backyard are in tip top shape during this season.

Hence, we highly encourage garden owners to water less often during these hot and dry periods. This would ensure that your plants’ roots would grow downwards and make them less vulnerable to drying out.

We also advice that you take advantage of the hot weather to weed your garden. Just make sure that you lay the weeds on top of the soil so it could dry out and become mulch.

Of course, you should also be mindful to remove the seeding parts first to prevent them from growing back.

Start pruning your fruit trees this summer, and maintain their sizes by cutting new green growth.

For your citrus trees, feed them and top up mulch (by using compost or old manure) over its roots, keeping clear of the trunk

Feed citrus trees, and top up mulch (use compost or old manure) over roots, keeping clear of trunk.

Start pruning your summer raspberries, cut out old canes and tie new canes after the fruits have been picked

Begin Propagation of semi-ripe cuttings during mid to late summer and utilize rooting hormones.


Here’s a list of other pointers for you to do in order to prepare your garden for the coming seasons:

  • Cut and dry herbs for winter use and collect ripening seeds for plants you wish to propagate.
  • Divide perennials towards the end of the month, or leave until March if your garden is experiencing drought.
  • Sow cool season green manure crops then have them dug in during autumn before they begin flowering.
  • This month is also the last opportunity for you to sow warm season green manure plants.
  • Carefully observe your water gardens and ponds as water levels decrease exponentially due to evaporation. For aquatic plants, this time of the year may cause them to become overgrown.


Make the most out of summer’s last month by ensuring that your plants are more resilient to drought and the dry weather.

Gardening Tips for March

Gardening Tips for March

We are now entering Autumn in Perth… and finally starting to feel it! Some did say that Summer might continue into these next few months as it came later than usual, but the colder mornings and growing amounts of leaves on the ground speak for themselves!

Autumn Gardening Tips

Prepare to be fighting those pesky leaves for the next few months, but also take some time to enjoy those glorious colours of Autumn! We just love how it goes from stunningly royal displays of purple in the Summer, to those golden and warm orange tones – always something beautiful to spy around our home here in Perth.

As always, in the beginning of a new season there is plenty to do, so we have compiled a list of what to do in your garden in March.

First off – it’s planting time!

This is a great season to be planting all sorts of things and even to begin planning your spring bulbs!

TIP: Before the end of the month you want to have planted your citrus, avocado and olive trees.

What to plant:

HERBS: plant basil, coriander, garlic, garlic chives, mustard, marjoram, oregano, parsley, thyme and winter tarragon.

TIP: Be careful to keep your herbs well-watered and semi-shaded while there are still some hot days this month – they wilt and burn easily!

FRUITS: Plant tomatoes, melons and strawberries.

VEG: Almost everything! Sow beans, beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, capsicum, carrot, cauliflower, celery, Chinese cabbage, cucumber, eggplant, lettuce, mustard, okra, onion, parsnip, potato, pumpkin, radish, rosella, silver beet, squash, sweet corn, sweet potato and zucchini.

FLOWERS: Plant alyssum, lobelia, pansy, stock, sweet pea, snap dragon and viola.

March is ideal for planting trees and shrubs. This month it is getting cooler but the soil is still warm enough to encourage growth in your new greenery – so they have some time to establish their roots before the cold weather sets in!

With that in mind, now is also great for planting new lawn. Summer is the time for outdoor play, and can cause a lot of wear and tear on your grass – often in the form of bare patches in the most used areas, not the best look! By planting now, the new grass seeds will also be able to get their root systems established before the cold, like your trees and shrubs, as well as having months of good growing time before it’s hot again! Make sure you get a qualified lawn expert to help you out if you haven’t done it before, they will be able to make sure it is done right, as well as teach you exactly how to look after it in the following months to ensure it grows lush and green.


You know those lovely leaves that will start to cover every inch of your garden? A great way to get rid of them is to add them to your compost where the worms will love them and you don’t have to see them! You can also add some used coffee grounds to the mix for an extra boost.

March is also a great time for a general garden clean-up to prepare it for the colder months ahead.

  • Trim any branches on your citrus trees that might be hanging lower than 1m – this helps prevent the spread of brown rot.
  • Remove all weeds and any plants in your garden you don’t want to spread – they will all be starting to seed.


We hope that this guide has been helpful and we are sure with the application of these tips and tricks your garden will flourish this month!

Enjoy being out in your garden these last warm days – we certainly will!

Have a read through some of our other blogs for some more info on gardening in Perth, or check out some of the gardening services we offer. As it becomes colder your garden still needs lots of TLC, but you might not feel so excited at the thought of getting out in the cold to give it! Let our friendly and professional landscape gardeners take care of it for you…

Gardening Tips for September

Gardening Tips for September

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Gardening Tips for August

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