August Gardening Tips for Perth Gardens

August means that we are just about done with the winter months, and now it’s all about getting ready for spring.

There are plenty of tasks to keep you busy throughout August so that you’re prepared for the full showing of September onwards. 

Winter has been going on for too long and we can’t wait for Spring to kick in.

Keep up the good work, we will soon enjoy the warmer days – and no more getting rained on while gardening!

Gardening tasks

  • Prune any dormant plants, especially rose bushes – always prune at a 45 degree angle to help the plant heal better while also limiting the risk of pests and disease taking hold.
  • Wait for the end of August or early September to start applying a slow release fertiliser to all of your plants.
  • Apply a healthy layer of mulch to lock in as much moisture as possible. Aim for layer of 5 to 10 cms.
  • Start planting spring fruits and vegetables, such as; spring onions, leeks, peas, lettuce and strawberries.
  • Plant tomato seeds in trays but keep undercover for now to protect them from frost.
  • Start planting annuals such as Petunias, Marigolds, and Vincas.


The watering ban will soon be over. If you haven’t done it already, it is now a good time to get your retic system checked and repaired.

Attention bore owners! Remember to turn your bore at least once a week for a few minutes during winter to prevent the pump from seizing up and creating an expensive repair job!

Get in touch with the guys at our partner company, Perth Reticulation Experts for help with all your retic needs.

Top tip

During August, most nurseries will be stocking up with a wide range of annuals for the spring season, so get into your local nursery and have a look at what’s on offer.

If you need help with your yard this July just contact the team at Perth Gardening – it’s what we do!