For all our customers who, like us, are based in the City of Cockburn, you probably already know that our area is very focused on sustainability measures. 

Cockburn was even awarded Overall Winner for both the State and National, Keep Australia Beautiful, Australian Sustainable Cities Awards in 2012! 

What you might not know, is that there are a bunch of awesome offers available for local homeowners as part of the Climate Change Strategy 2020 – 2030. So, we wanted to feature them and make sure our local clients can take advantage! 

1. Request a FREE street tree. 

Hedging and Trimming with Garden Beds

Make your street greener by submitting for a free tree to be supplied and planted on your verge.

What’s even better is that the City also then pays for all future pruning so it doesn’t increase maintenance for you.

That is great news because, although we can take care of all other gardening in Jandakot and Cockburn for you, we can’t prune a street tree – that’s a Council job. 

Want a free tree? Click here to complete a ‘tree request’ form.

2. Start a #foolproof veggie garden

Always wanted a veggie garden but worried you don’t have the skills to do it alone?  

Join a Grow It Local seasonal grow-along — curated by master gardener Paul West plus top Aussie chefs.

They send you curated seeds, then guide you through every step of the growing journey, from patch prep and planting to harvesting and cooking. Grow your garden as part of an Australian-wide community!  

Click here to find out more

Organic maintained seeds in a pot

3. Add a bird bath to your garden.

In focus of outdoor delicate fountain

Did you know that as a Cockburn resident, you can receive a 50% rebate (up to $50) towards the cost of a bird bath?

Part of the Habitat for Homes program, the City wants to encourage residents to create habitats in their homes by growing native gardens and having bird baths for native animals to find shelter and food.

Keep our local birds hydrated in the heat – they are a key part of our eco-system and keeping Perth green!  

Submit your application here  

4. Create a waterwise native verge garden

This is close to our hearts. While we love a good lawn, nothing beats a waterwise, thriving and beautiful native verge garden. It looks amazing, reduces your water usage, and keeps the bees, insects and animals happy and the local eco-system strong!  

The City of Cockburn offers a financial rebate to help local residents create waterwise verges with native waterwise plants – this includes plants, soil wetter and soil improver to get things off to a good start. 

While applications have closed for 2023, they open again in April 2024 so it’s a great time to start planning and creating your ‘design’ for what you could create! 

Find out more here

Waterwise gardening and a fresh shrubs

5. Start composting!

Compost is an amazing way to keep food waste out of landfill and put it back into your garden in the form of healthy soil bursting with nutrients for your garden! Perth soils are often quite depleted so creating your own soil is an amazing way to boost the health of your garden.  

City of Cockburn residents are eligible for subsidies on worm farms, compost bins and bokashi bins. You can also collect a free compost caddy for your kitchen scraps from the City’s Administration Building – just to make composting even easier. 

Find out more and apply here.

6. Book a free Eco Home Audit

Get advice to help reduce your water and energy bills (and you might even get a twin compost bin system) with a free eco home audit. They will check your retic, hot water, heating and cooling systems, etc. And this is available for both homeowners and tenants – so everyone can save!  

To book, just email and provide your; 
1) Full name 
2) Complete address  
3) Phone number. 
4) An in-person home visit or a zoom (or facetime) consult. 

As you can see, there are a bunch of subsidies and great offers available so if you live in Cockburn and want to make your home and garden greener, we hope you’ll take advantage of them! 

7. Mulching – another great gardening tip

Another great way to reduce your water bills while keeping your garden healthy is to mulch – and now in late spring/early summer is the perfect time. Just give our team of expert gardeners a call on 08 6263 4645 to book in for a gardening service or get a mulching quote. We love to help out our neighbours here in the great City of Cockburn!  

Home grown soil planting