Top dressing the lawn is a process that involves the addition of a fine layer of mixed quality soil to its surface. This is a necessary lawn care method to keep soil and plants healthy throughout the year.

Why Is Top Dressing Important?

Garden soil needs proper care for you to grow plants or even some fruits or vegetables. You need to determine the soil pH level, nutrient content and other factors. These need to be in the right conditions for you to successfully grow plants, flowers and others.

One of the things to do to keep gardens healthy is to top dress the soil. This process benefits your lawn because it builds up soil quality over time. Some experts use sandy soil to improve moisture retention and make it more resistant to drought. Some use clay soils to improve drainage and root development. It also evens out bumps and lumps that you see on your lawn. The method fills in small hollows that may develop. The technique stimulates grass to create new shoots, resulting in denser cover, which also helps prevent the onset of moss infestation and weeds.

Proper lawn care is not just about top dressing; experienced gardeners combine this method with core aeration, using coarse-textured material applied to soil with fine-textured, high clay content. The objective of combining these techniques is to alleviate compaction problems and improve nutrient, air and water movement into the soil.

Perth Gardening Lawn Care Services

Our team at Perth Gardening provides you with an evaluation to determine if your lawn needs care. We have the expertise and experience to determine the appropriate service that improves the soil of your lawn. We base our service on the soil, local conditions and grade to offer specific services.

The services we offer include:

  1. Lawn Mowing
  2. Fertilising
  3. Dethatching
  4. Lawn Coring and Aeration

If you need help with lawn care and other similar services, contact us. We have the expertise to assist you.