September Edible Garden Update

beetroot planting in September Perth

September is a busy month in the garden. Time to plant glorious summer salad ingredients and fruits as well as lovely herbs to flavour dishes and add another dimension to summer drinks. See our list of what to plant this month below, 

September Planting

Planting undercover in seed trays in plant out in 4-6 weeks

CabbageCapsicum/Bell Peppers
Chilli PeppersEggplant
MintNZ Spinach
Savory – winter savoryTomatillo

Susceptible to frost, start undercover or sow when after any last frost

AmaranthBeans – climbing
Beans – dwarfMarrow
SquashSweet Corn

seedling in pots perth planting

Sow in pots


Planting into the Garden

ArtichokesAsparagusAsparagus Pea
BeetrootBurdockCape Gooseberry/Golden Berry
CorianderCorn SaladDaikon/Japanese Radish
HorseradishJerusalem ArtichokesKohlrabi
LettuceMustard GreensOregano
RocketSageSalisfy/Vegetable Oyster
SilverbeetSnow PeasSpring Onions

Growing food tip of the month

If planting zucchini this month, plant in seed trays and keep undercover. You can plant out the seedlings during November and December. If you want to plant zucchini directly into the garden you’ll have to wait until January to do so. Most of the fruits, vegetables and herbs above can be planting next month as well if it’s a little overwhelming to get it all done at once, except zucchini – seeds need to be sown now.

Hold off on planting watermelon seedlings until next month – there’s still time to grow them and harvest to enjoy during the warmer months.

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This planting guide is a general reference intended for home gardeners. We recommend that you take into account your local conditions in making planting decisions. For specific advice, please contact Perth Gardening.