June Gardening Tips.

It is now the beginning of winter, and time to make sure your plants, gardens and lawn are ready for the colder temperatures on the horizon (even in Perth).   For an overall winter plan – read our winter gardening tips for Perth here. Shrubs, Trees & Climbers
  • Trim trees and shrubs to allow sunlight to reach plants and lawn below
  • Plant bare-rooted shrubs and trees
  • For smaller gardens, the deciduous crabapple and crepe myrtle trees can be planted now
  • Add a layer of straw around the base of newly planted roses to protect the young stems against the cold
Bulbs, Perennials & Annuals
  • Plant lilium bulbs as directed and hippeastrum bulbs with the top of the bulb protruding from the soil
  • Divide out daylilies and spread to other parts of the garden
  • Prune back asangua camellias once the flowering has finished
Tubs & Containers
  • Reduce the amount of water given to any indoor potted plants and move them away from heaters. Occasionally mist with water to maintain their humidity
Lawns & Hedges
  • It is now probably too late for fertilising your lawn or any plants that will go dormant over winter. Most plants are slowing down during winter and fertilising will just leach into the soil, wasting your budget and may pollute our fragile nature.
  • Treat any weeds and pests to stop them from taking over during the colder weather
  • Gather any fallen leaves and debris to allow sunlight to penetrate and to avoid disease caused by rotting vegetation
Top tip June is the month to make your citrus tree selections and get them planted. Talk to your local nursery or gardener for expert advice on the best varieties to suit your needs and your specific location. If you need help with your yard this June just contact the team at Perth Gardening – it’s what we do!