What is Dethatching? | How to Deal with Lawn Thatch

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What is thatch?

Thatch is a build-up of organic matter which forms a layer under the blades of grass but on top of the soil.

During the warmer seasons of Spring and Summer, the thatch is usually made up of runners, living and dead, as well as other organic matter such as leaves and lawn-clippings. In the cooler seasons, thatch is created from dead and dying organic matter.

Read on for why this can be a problem, and what to do about it.

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Lawn Fertilising Tips and Tricks

When you hear fertilising, you always think of it as referring to garden fertilising – something we all know is important for a healthy garden.

But what about lawn fertilising for healthy grass?

Read on for why lawn fertilising is important and our tips and tricks for getting it right.

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Lawn Aeration Techniques for a Healthier Lawn

Lawn coring or aeration is the method of decompacting and breaking up the soil to allow air, water and nutrients to flow in where needed.

This is a fast way to reinvigorate your lawn by helping it to quickly access oxygen and nutrients straight into its root zone.

Read on for more about these techniques and which method you should use for your lawn.

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Winter Lawn Care Tips for the Colder Months

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The last thing you will want to think about during the colder months is tending to your garden.

Yet, the way you treat a garden during fall and winter will determine its health in spring and summer.

So, if you want to enjoy a lush, healthy garden in the warmer months, you cannot neglect it come winter.

For this reason, we are offering winter lawn care tips to create happy, healthy grass all year long.

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Perth Lawn Care for Spring

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Spring is an important time for your lawn. It’s preparing to move into its growing phase and the harsh conditions of summer so it’s the time to give it a boost and a helping hand.

Now you shouldn’t wait for a date on the calendar; as a general rule, when the nights get warmer and the days begin that bit earlier then it’s spring time for your lawn and you need to be ready.  Continue reading Perth Lawn Care for Spring

Lawn Mowing Tips & Tricks

So you’ve moved into a new place with an established lawn or you’ve just had one installed – now what? In Australia we sometimes take it for granted that everyone has grown up with a lawn and knows how to mow but that’s not always true. If you’re one of those feeling a little lost or a little daunted at the thought of mowing your new lawn, don’t despair, the Perth Gardening team have put together some mowing tips for beginners.  Continue reading Lawn Mowing Tips & Tricks