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Perth Organic Gardening Solutions

Looking for eco-friendly gardening methods?

At Perth Gardening, we know the right techniques and natural treatments required to promote healthy garden growth. With the use of organic fertilisers and a range of organic gardening techniques, we can provide the ideal solution for your property.

Keep your family and pets safe and healthy with eco-friendly gardening maintenance options. 

Our organic gardening services in Perth are particularly popular for those who wish to grow their own fruits, vegetables and herbs. Thankfully, you can encourage growth and deter pests the natural way – and with regular maintenance, you can have a healthy organic garden of your own right in your backyard.

“Absolutely excellent gardeners! Our garden has never looked so good! I had a few things that I wanted done regularly (e.g. mowing/weeding etc) and then said to take initiative and do whatever will make the garden look nicer – and they do!! Can’t recommend them highly enough. Also just a really nice group of people, you can’t go wrong with Perth Gardening”

– Chloe Domville-Lewis

“Perth Gardening have been fantastic to work with. Very good communication when discussing jobs and prompt delivery of services. The garden looks fantastic and has made looking after it so much easier. I would highly recommend their services.”

— Andrew S. in Mosman Park

“Their work on both our front and rear yards will add considerably to the appeal of our property & hopefully maximise the sale price. We found them reliable, efficient and hard-working and will not hesitate to use them again and recommend them to friends and family.”

– Mike P. in Bicton

Eco-friendly Gardening


As many of us are becoming increasingly aware of the world’s ecological footprint, the demand for organic gardening is on the rise. Many gardening product manufacturers are thinking twice about what they offer as well, since their market is shifting to more eco-friendly options.

After all, using organic and natural techniques for fertilising, weeding and treating your garden not only protects the Earth, but protects your family as well.

The more we learn about the negative effects of chemical pesticides and herbicides and synthetic fertilisers, the more we want to stay away from them. When done right, growing organic crops may provide more healthy options to the family. In addition, it gives you peace of mind because your food won’t have carcinogens, petroleum by-products or any element that may disrupt your endocrine system and other important functions in the body.

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Tree Pruning

Efficient and safe tree-pruning services in Perth.

Weed Control

We’ll take care of you with regular weeding service, combined with weed control methods to keep your garden looking tidy.

Garden Clean Ups

If your garden needs whipping back into shape, we are the team to get that done.

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Have Questions? Read through our FAQs...

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions when it comes to our organic gardening services in Perth. If you don’t see what you need – just get in touch with our friendly team!

Do you have non-chemical options for weed control?

We never use weed control chemical, most of those product are bad for the environment and very toxic for the person applying them. We believe in preventive method (Mulch and regular garden care); in some cases we can recommend steaming to control weeds but a healthy and well maintain garden 

Are there 'natural' options for fertiliser?

Yes there are, but one must be cautious when using natural fertiliser as often the concentration in nutrient are quite high and may leach into the water ways and pollute the soils. Careful planing 

Can you help me create an organic vegetable garden?

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Do your gardeners know about Permaculture?

Although we don’t specialise in Permaculture, we do get a fair understanding of the main permaculture principles. We can assist with the basics but if we fail to provide the knowledge we will know the person to talk to!

Can you look after my native plants with eco-friendly gardening?

Absolutely, our experienced landscape gardeners have loads of experience in all aspects of gardening; native, tropical,… we know plants and we know how to look after them!