Gardening Tips for July

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July Gardening Tips for Perth Gardens

July sees us well and truly in the midst of the cooler months but that means it is also a great opportunity to tackles some of those jobs the hotter temperatures make difficult – or just plain uncomfortable. If you’re planning on creating a new path, digging a pond or building a new veggie garden, now is the time to get into it. You’ll build up a sweat but it won’t be as bad as trying to get it done while it’s hot. 

Here’s what you need to be taking care of this month…

Weed Control

  • Keep on top of weeds in both lawns and gardens area by manually pulling out any that grow through the mulch or the lawn
  • If you haven’t mulched your garden bed – any time is a good time to mulch your garden beds

Shrubs, Trees & Climbers

  • Prune any deciduous trees and shrubs
  • Plant roses and follow up with a spray of Lime Sulphur
  • Take Frangipani cuttings and leave them to dry

Bulbs, Perennials & Annuals

  • Sow seeds of Alyssum, Dianthus, Delphinium, Statice, Senpossi
  • Plant Amaryllis, Tuberoses and Waterlilies

Edible Gardens

  • Fertilise winter growing vegetables with Aquasol
  • Plant Rhubarb crowns, Raspberry canes, Kohlrabi and Silverbeet
  • Turn in green manure to any vegetable gardens you are getting ready for spring planting

Winter Lawn Care

  • Treat any weeds and pests to stop them from taking over during the colder weather
  • Rake up any leaves and have the kids run around to collect any twigs, sticks and other debris that can block sunlight
  • Raise the mowing height on your mower to allow for more photosynthesis

Our Top Tip

July is a fantastic time to start a mushroom farm. Kits are available from most nurseries and hardware stores. They make a great school holiday activity and will encourage your kids to grow their own food and make a real connection with nature.

If you need help with your yard this July, just contact the team at Perth Gardening – it’s what we do!