5 Best Small Garden Ideas

There are several ways you can maximise the functionality of your backyard garden area – even if it is a small space.

Building a small garden can often take more effort than a large garden. Why?

Because it requires clever and thoughtful planning to get the most out of compact spaces.

While creating a small backyard garden, the important thing is to ensure that your garden doesn’t feel cramped or cluttered.

In this blog post, we’ll give you ideas, tips, and techniques to build a functional outdoor space that looks breathtaking all year round.


5 Best Small Garden Ideas For Your Outdoor Space


1. Create a plan

A well-designed garden provides beauty and a functional space that can improve your lifestyle. To get the most out of your small garden, in-depth research and planning are the key to a successful project.

There are a plethora of small garden design ideas on Pinterest that you can use as an inspiration to find your preferred garden style.

First, spend some time understanding what you need from your space and what you will use your backyard for – entertaining, kids/pets play area, relaxing, etc – and define your budget and then create your plan around these two key factors.

Visualise your garden plan on paper first if possible -t’s easier and much less expensive to correct a mistake on paper.

Measure your backyard and take note of problems that you may need to resolve. Does your drainage system need to be revamped? Does your garden not include a shaded area large enough for you to build your sitting space?

Survey the area that receives the most sunlight and plan your planting areas accordingly.

If you want more from less space and don’t want to dedicate your small backyard garden entirely to plants and flowers, make it multi-purpose.

You can have your standard dining area and create a romantic setting with a swing chair and string lights.

And, of course, you have your garden, too.

2. Keep Plants Vertical, Not Horizontal

In small spaces, less is always more. So instead of trying to cram plants on the garden floor, spruce up your wall.

Vertical gardens are extremely practical, especially in small spaces.

This gives an excellent illusion of being surrounded by greenery everytime you’re in your garden, and it doesn’t take up the much-needed space.

Try adding one big pot instead of several small potted plants, this helps with reducing visual clutter and makes your small garden landscape look more spacious and elegant.

3. Create a Backyard Focal Point

Creating a sitting space at the end of a narrow garden will create an illusion of a larger area.

Position your furniture at the back of a paved area and build a pathway leading to this sitting space to draw attention to this space.

This is a great alternative to a common method of creating your focal point in the centre of your garden. Use the rule of thirds; plan your focal point on the left-third or right-third of your garden (typically away from the entrance).

One tip to make your garden look bigger is by taking advantage of optical illusions with a contemporary garden mirror panel.

4. Choose the Right Plants

Take advantage of foliage and the texture of tropical plants. Plants with large leaves like the Elephant Ear plant will change the scale of your small backyard space.

You can create a sense of depth in your small garden with your choice of plants. You can do this by simply playing with the heights of different plants to create a layered look.

You can try layering colour, too – you can either include gradations (reds, oranges, and yellows) or go for a classic combination like red and purple.

If you want, you can even stick to one variety when it comes to your flowering plants, for example. It gives your small backyard garden a consistent aesthetic and reduces the work you have to do to maintain your plants.

5. Choose the Right Furniture

Get functional furniture for your outdoor space that helps you save space by doubling as a storage unit for things like your gardening tools.

Use portable furniture that you can effortlessly bring out, put away, and roll around (coffee table on wheels) as and when you need them. Choose flexible pieces of furniture like collapsible tables and foldable chairs that can be easily stored.

Hang furniture to create an illusion of more floor space. All you need is a nook of your garden to mount a hanging chair and make it your own cozy reading corner.

You can even hang a relaxing hammock under shade for a lazy afternoon nap. When not in use, you can simply hang both ends from the same hook and make use of the additional space.

If you don’t have a shaded area in your garden, you can easily create it with a large patio umbrella.

You can also use perspective to add different levels to your garden.

Raised garden beds, sunken fire pits, and a raised platform will open up more creative ways for you to optimise your small backyard garden area.

You can even stack container plants on multiple levels to add dimension. You can integrate large terracotta with slender and tall glazed pots.

Outdoor fireplaces are even more suited for small backyard gardens than large ones because they bring in an element of coziness and intimacy.

And that’s it!

Those are our 5 best small garden ideas to help you get inspired and create a perfect backyard!

If you want someone to help you install your new garden, get in touch with us, and we can supply and install your new plants, garden beds and mulching, etc. Or, get in touch with our sister company at Perth Landscaping Experts to install the entire project! Together, we’ll create a yard that’ll amaze your entire neighbourhood.

Can we help?

Now we understand that not everyone likes to work outside in a cold rainy Perth Winter,  and not everyone can afford to spend hours in their garden to keep on top of all the gardening tasks – life gets busy right?

At Perth Gardening, all our Landscape Gardeners are tough (and own sturdy rain jackets!) and are dedicated to create outstanding gardens. Get in touch today to discuss your garden maintenance requirements.

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Growing vegetables in your own garden is a rewarding experience – it takes a bit more work but going outside to pick your own salads, veggies or herbs for meals makes it all worth it.

It may seem a little daunting if you’ve never done this before, but you don’t always need a green thumb to build a vegetable garden that will thrive in Perth.

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Autumn Lawncare Tips for Perth

Autumn Lawncare Tips for Perth

The temperature has dropped and the colder months are coming – here are some lawn care tips you can use make sure your lawn comes out on the other side of winter happy, healthy and ready for you and your family to enjoy!

Fertilising Tips for Autumn: 

If you have chosen to fertilise your lawn once a year, the best time to apply fertiliser is in spring – but as landscape gardeners, we recommend fertilising your lawn twice a year, and spring and autumn are the best seasons. 


Giving your lawn a boost in autumn is a great way to prepare it for the colder, harsher months of winter, keeping it in the best condition to resist damage due to frost, cold and sudden temperature changes.

Choose a liquid fertiliser which contains seaweed, fish, organic compounds and amino acids – it might not smell great but your lawn will love it!

Mowing Tips:

The colder months mean you don’t have to mow your lawns as frequently, as the rate of growth slows down significantly – less work for you or your gardener!


Mow your lawn every 3-5 weeks during autumn and winter, and do not cut the grass lower than 2.5 cm. If you cut it too short in the colder months, you can damage your lawns, resulting in browning and ‘scalping’. Repeatedly cutting your lawns too short can weaken your grass and leave it open to disease and weeds. If you aren’t too sure how often to mow your lawn, just mow whenever your grass is longer than 6cm.

While leaving leaves and grass clippings on your lawns during summer can help provide nutrients, we recommend removing them during colder months to allow your grass to get as much access to the sunlight and air as possible. If you have trees which are blocking all the sun, you may also want to prune them more in the colder months for the sake of your lawn. 

Watering Tips:

Turn off your sprinklers! Keep an eye on the rainfall, but unless your grass looks and feels very dry and it hasn’t rained in a while, you do not need to water it in late autumn or winter. And if you do water it – only do so in the early morning so it has all day to absorb the water it needs and let the rest evaporate. If your lawn is too wet, it can become vulnerable to fungi or disease. 


Perth has such hot, dry summers that autumn and winter are great opportunities for your lawns to regenerate, soaking up the extra water and growing stronger, healthier root systems that will keep them in better shape when the temperatures rise again. 

Talk to your gardener to see what steps you can take now to look after your lawns – or give our team a call to book in our lawn care services, from fertilising to mowing, weeding and general garden care. 

Chemical-free Weed Control Solutions For Perth Gardens

Chemical-free Weed Control Solutions For Perth Gardens

Weeds are annoying and controlling their growth and spread in your lawns and gardens can be frustrating. But, at Perth Gardening Experts, we believe in using natural or lox-tox alternatives when it comes to weed control for our clients.

Keeping our soils free from chemicals is better for us, our families, our food and our planet – so here are our favourite natural alternatives to consider next time you spot those pesky weeds in your garden!

Use groundcovers to prevent weed growth

If you have empty or unplanted areas of your gardens – weeds are always happy to fill in those spaces for you! Planting groundcovers, such as natives, flowering plants, succulents, or even herbs, is a great way to prevent weeds from growing while creating lush, beautiful gardens. 


Some great, fast-growing groundcovers for Perth soils are:

  • Prostrate grevilleas
  • Mondo grass
  • Creeping boobialla 
  • Thyme
  • Pig Face
  • Australian Harebell (Isotoma)
  • Australian violet

Mulch to prevent weeds and create healthier gardens

Mulch is an ideal way to fill gaps if you want to a more spaced-out plating style to feature your favourite plants. Mulching prevents weeds from seeding, as well as preventing them from accessing the sunlight they need to thrive and grow. 


You can mulch right over weeds and smother them while preventing new weeds from growing for a fast, easy garden makeover. The best way to do this is by using a layer of cardboard or newspaper over the weeds and gardens, then adding a thick layer of mulch on top (we recommend to use 50 to 100mm). This also creates healthy soils and increases water retention for a more water-wise garden. You will still get a few weeds, but these will be much quicker and easier to remove as their roots can’t grip into mulch like they do in soil (providing that you use a chunky mulch and none of those useless fine black mulch)

Use natural weed sprays

We don’t recommend using even natural sprays in your gardens, as any product that is acidic or has high amounts of dissolved salts will, in time adversely affect your soil’s microbiology, and any acids, such as vinegar, can burn and damage plants.

However, for those annoying weeds that spring up between pavers which are hard to pull out, using a natural alternative is better than chemicals. Just keep in mind that a spray is more often a temporary solution as it’s less likely to kill the roots – so hand-pulling, mulching or using a groundcover or filler between your pavers (such as gravel) are still the best chemical-free, long-term solutions. 

While weeds are annoying and any garden-proud homeowner wants to have a weed-free landscape, before you resort to covering your lawns and gardens with toxic chemicals, consider if a chemical-free option would be the better solution for the health of your home and gardens.

Talk to our team today for advice on natural weed-control solutions for your home.

Hire Gardner to Perform Garden Maintenance Services

Hire Gardner to Perform Garden Maintenance Services

Taking care of your lawn and gardens requires more than just getting the kid down the street to mow  and weed every other week.

But having a yard that’s the envy of the neighborhood doesn’t have to mean giving up every weekend to roll in the dirt.

Hiring garden maintenance services can make all the difference in taming and maintaining your lawn — even if you do have a green thumb. (more…)