Plants make a garden, as a garden makes a home — especially for birds.

People tend to their gardens in different ways. Some observe the rules, while others do not. There are a limited amount of people who take the rules to heart and beyond, growing clinical, pristine patches of flora even nature could not replicate. These artistically maintained gardens are a horticultural, even scientific, marvel. We are not going to talk about those today.

Instead, we at Perth Gardening will discuss how we can make our gardens more representative of nature. That is, flora and fauna. More of the flying variety.

Garden Dwellers

Birds share a mutual relationship with plants. They find shelter and food in green ecosystems, eating harmful insects and spreading seeds in return. We encourage our clients to see the presence of birds as a sort of ‘Mother Nature’s compliment’ of the highest kind. Nothing tells you that you have a great garden better than the presence of critters seeking a natural haven.

In fact, the variety of birds a garden attracts might surprise you. Small birds like finches and warblers would be among the first visitors. Soon enough, you will be snapping photographs of various colourful birds using your garden as a rest stop from flying. A great way to make them feel welcome is by providing food, water, and nesting sites.

Avian Hospitality

By planting berry bushes, seed-bearing perennials, ornamental fruit trees and grasses, you can provide the birds with enough food to encourage them to build a nest. Feeders containing seeds or food pellets will complement your garden’s natural sources of diet during seasonal lapses.

Remember to place a second feeder for water as well. Filling a low, broad dish with clean water usually does the trick; just fasten the dish on a level surface to prevent spills.

Having birds as a side benefit to gardening is not something every gardener can experience. A person can create a garden dedicated to birds, but in the end, it is the animals’ choice where they land. Be sure to take even greater care of your garden, so it can take care of your feathered visitors.

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