Growing a thriving garden in Perth comes with its own unique issues; we live in a hot and dry climate so it’s important to take care of gardens and lawns in the most appropriate way for our local environment. 

Starting your Perth Garden

It all starts with the right planning. Prepare your soil before any planting to ensure that the plants can make the most of the water they need to survive and thrive. The use of specialised potting mixes and wetting agents will help to prepare your soil. Learn more about fertilising here.

Choose water-wise plants and lawn to reduce the amount of water your garden needs. There are varieties of lawns available that are drought tolerant and grown specifically to suit our local climate – find out how to choose the right Perth lawn here.

Consider planting a tree or two to ensure that your garden (and your home) has shade and cooling. And don’t forget that a natural lawn will also act as a natural air-conditioning system for your home.

Using a good quality mulch in any planted garden areas to a thickness of around 10cm will reduce the evaporative loss from the soil surface by up to 70%; just don’t have the mulch go right up to the base of the plants. Learn more about mulching here.

Reduce your watering regime over winter and turn off any automatic irrigation systems. During the cooler months in Perth most lawns and plants can survive with the average rainfall our local area receives. Just keep an eye on the plants and the soil; if the leaves are losing colour, yellowing or browning then water but otherwise let nature do the bulk of the watering tasks. It will save water and ensure the plants don’t become waterlogged.

For a quote on garden and lawn maintenance just contact the team at Perth Gardening.