Regardless of whether you have some help to maintain your lawn and gardens, or you handle it all yourself, there’s a few essential tools you should have at your place. 

Top 10 Gardening Tools for every gardener


  1. Garden Fork – useful for moving/turning over compost, checking for soil compaction, aerating your lawn and loosening soil. Tip – a stainless steel or aluminium fork will resists rusting better.
  2. Garden Rake – obviously helpful for raking up leaves, but can also be used to dethatch leaves and remove other shed gardening tools perth
  3. Shovel – a sharp, heavy shovel with an easy-grip handle will help to make jobs around the gardening and planting easy.
  4. Pruners – these are essential for anyone working in the gardening and you’ll find yourself using them over and over for all those little jobs in the yard. You may need to try out a few sets in order to get the ones that suit you best – you’re looking for a pair that are sturdy, sharp and comfortable to hold and use.
  5. Hori Hori – a combination knife and trowel, the Hori Hori has often been called ‘the best hand tool ever’. You can use it to cut, dig and weed as well as dividing and transplanting perennials.
  6. Hand Trowel – a pointy ended trowel this is an extremely handy tool to have while pottering around in the garden.
  7. Pruning Saw/Loppers – useful to cut back those branches that are too big for pruners but not big enough to warrant a chainsaw or a tree lopper.
  8. Shears – useful for trimming long grasses, small hedges and cutting back perennials.
  9. Wheelbarrow – handy to move compost, potting mix and all manner of gardening materials.
  10. Garden Hose – a good quality garden hose will make short work of watering both your gardens and your lawn as well as making end of gardening clean up jobs a breeze.

What to Wear

Don’t forget to take care of yourself while working in the yard. Wear a long sleeve shirt, hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses to protect you from the sun. Use gardening gloves, face masks and ear protection as appropriate. You will need a few different types of gloves to protect from thorns, thistles, blisters and chemicals.