Do you want to create a garden that’s as beautiful as the great outdoors?

We thought so.

Well, if you want to make the most of your garden, you will need to spruce up your landscape.

To ensure you can enjoy your garden come rain or shine, here are 5 useful garden maintenance tips.

1. Tidy up

If you want to give your garden a new lease of life, it might be as simple as giving it a thorough tidy-up.

You can do so by raking the leaves, removing fallen tree branches, mowing the lawns, pulling up any weeds, pruning the hedges and giving your porch, deck and paving a much-needed pressure or power wash.

You can also freshen up your landscape by repainting the deck, mulching the garden beds, and topping-up any gravel you might have lost from rain or summer games which got out of hand.

You will be surprised at the difference a really good cleanup can bring to your garden!


2. Add more trees or shrubs

Nothing brings the great outdoors to your garden quite like lush trees and shrubs.

Yet, don’t go overboard or you could make the garden appear too crowded and cramped.

While they can be a beautiful addition to your garden, they will need maintenance in the future.

Only add the trees and shrubs you will be able to maintain and will suit the size of your space. Read here for how to choose the right tree for your design.

To add colour and personality to your garden, select from a range of contrasting plant colours.

Hedges will also add some privacy to your garden, so you don’t have to worry about prying neighbours.

3. Create a pathway

Add a touch of style and homeliness to your garden with a pathway winding around or cutting through your space.

You can choose from different materials to create your garden style, such as concrete, tile, stones or brick.

It’s one of the best landscaping solutions, because not only does it look great but it’s practical.

The path will tell visitors not to stand on the grass, without you having to do so, and offer a safe path even in wet and rainy seasons.

You will also be able to maintain your lawn for much longer, as a result.

If you do not have the confidence to create the pathway yourself, you could always hire a professional landscaper to do it.

4. Paint bricks, rocks or landscape pavers

Dare to be different in your garden and paint bricks, rocks or landscape pavers.

It can make your garden pop with color, and will not cost much money to do either.

All they will need is a fresh lick of paint to create a landscape that’s unique and beautiful.

You could even give river rocks a modern, clean look by painting them a fresh white.

It could even help to breathe new life into an old brick wall.

Ensure you invest in a good primer to ensure the top coat will last for years to come.

Click here to find out why colors matter in a garden design.

5. Lawn landscaping solutions

Bald, brown and lifeless grass will create a garden that will make you want to shut the door and close the blinds.

So, it is important to maintain your healthy, lush grass as much as possible.

You should aim to protect a lawn from hot temperatures.

Temperatures up to 26°C will promote the lawn’s growth. Unfortunately, temperatures above 30°C will only stunt it.

If the temperature is set to soar, try not to cut the lawn too short.

The grass (Buffalo species) should be left to about 4cm. This will prevent the soil from drying out and can protect it from the sun.

The best time to water your grass is between 4 am to 8 am.

Aim to apply 10mm of water on your lawn as this is what is allowed by the water corporation.

Try not to over-water the grass, though, as this could result in mould formation.


Can we help?

Creating a well-maintained landscape can take plenty of time and effort. Yet, all the hard work will be worth it once finished.

You can then sit back, relax and enjoy your beautiful garden.

If you need help with your garden maintenance see our packages or call us today.

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