Professional hedge trimming services in Perth

For hedges to have the desired affect, they must be kept well trimmed. Uneven, patchy growth can look very untidy – and that’s why it’s important to get the professionals in to help with your regular hedge trimming.

Correct hedge trimming is about much more than just shape. Tapering will ensure a good distribution of sunlight, and good pruning will keep growth even. Hedge cutting techniques, seasons and frequency depend on your species of plant; if done incorrectly, your hedge might become stressed damaged.

Hedges also require a skilled hand to create the correct lines and shape. Trimmed correctly, you can achieve green, thick, lush and even hedges that create a neat and formal appearance in your garden.


Hedge trimming Perth
Our Landscape Gardener is trimming a hedge in West Leederville

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We use a range of techniques to ensure hedges are cut neatly – leaving no wonky lines or choppy edges! Don’t risk damaging your hedge; allow us to offer our professional hedge trimming services, so you can get the perfect result. Please contact us to get your free quote  or give us a call on (08) 6263 4645

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