Weed Control Solutions in Perth


Weed Control Solutions

Tired of fighting a losing battle against weeds in your garden?

To any proud home-owner, weeds can seem like a never-ending problem. It’s a threat to the natural environment of their properties.  Weed removal is important for the health of your garden. Not only can they alter the aesthetic appearance of your garden, but they can damage plants whose growth you wish to encourage as well.

At Perth Gardening, we can rid your lawns and gardens of weeds and implement the right weed control solution for you. We offer weed control services in Perth such as regular weed pulling and recommend the right company to do the job for weed spraying.

Whether it is mulching, weed mats or non-chemical alternatives, we will make sure your garden is healthy, weed-free and low-maintenance with our weed control services in Perth!

Benefits of our Weed Control Service:

Protects your lawn and garden from unsightly weeds

Weeds can quickly starve and choke nearby grasses, trees and flowerbeds as they compete for space, oxygen, water and other key nutrients. The cost of adding our regular weed control services to your ongoing garden maintenance program is offset by the financial savings of not having to replace grass, shrubs and flowering plants that can be attacked or killed by persistent weeds. Our weed control service will add years of life and vitality to your property.

Saves you time and energy

Weed removal and control can be time consuming and physically demanding work, especially under blistering heat and humidity. Rather than waste your time and energy doing physical weed removal work, have our professional weed removal experts do the job for you. In return, you gain a beautiful thriving garden and more time to spend with your family and friends.

Perth Weed Control


Weeds compete with other plants by overpowering their root systems when absorbing water and nutrients found in soil. They grow and spread out quickly, crowding plants and taking the sunlight that’s supposed to be for them. Instead of growing healthily, your plants are lacking the nutrients they need to protect themselves from pests and diseases.

Proper weed management using weed killers and treatments, mulch, and regular weed pulling can keep your landscape problems under control. The good news is you don’t have to do these all by yourself. You can book a maintenance schedule with our weeding services team in Perth and we’ll provide you with a regular weed removal service whenever necessary.

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Professional Care

Some of Our Other Garden Services

Tree Pruning

Trees are one of the most impressive features in any garden but it is essential to maintain them and enhance their health. At Perth Gardening Experts, we offer tree pruning services that help protect the shape and health of trees. We understand that each tree has a different pruning cycle, which is why we use tailored methods that will not damage your trees’ growth and flower/fruit production.

Garden Mulching

Aside from improving the visual appeal of your garden, mulch serves as a barrier to many harmful and destructive elements that can damage lawn. It also helps control weeds, prevent soil erosion, maintain soil nutrients and foster soil water retention. Perth Gardening Experts offers complete mulching of gardens, lawns and other areas. Our mulching services will extend the lifespan of your lawn and enhance the aesthetics of your landscaping by enriching your soil and plant growth.

Garden Clean Ups

Our professional gardeners are dedicated to making your outdoor space look its absolute best. Our gardeners are experienced in lawn mowing, weeding, leaf blowing, hedge trimming, edging, pruning and many other tasks. They also come fully equipped with all the tools needed to leave your garden looking clean, pristine and beautiful.


Have Questions? Read through our FAQs...

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions when it comes to our weed control services in Perth. If you don’t see what you need – just get in touch with our friendly team!

How do I get rid of weeds in my lawn?

A healthy lawn will out-compete any weeds, in most cases hand picking the few weeds that come through is an efficient way to control them 

Do you offer non-chemical options for weed control?

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What solutions do you offer for long-term weed control?

Weeds are the bane of every gardener’s existence, we fully understand! We recommend mulching as it is both beneficial to your garden as well as a weed-deterrent. We find that weed matting is much less effectual while also being less attractive and beneficial for your garden.

A third alternative is out-sourcing – get us to take that off your hands and then you never have to think about it again!

Can you provide weed control on an on-going basis?

Yes, our Perth Gardening team offer regular garden maintenance packages and can tailor a solution for you that ensures your garden is healthy and weed-free year-round! Head to our Regular Garden Maintenance page to find out more…

Are my weeds a fire hazard in Summer?

They can be, if left undisturbed the weeds will grow and dry providing a good environment for fire to devellop.