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Fertilising & Soil Improvement

Good gardening begins with good soil.

Healthy plants need nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium – the famous NPK; as well as ‘vitamins’ commonly called the trace elements: calcium, zinc, magnesium, iron and manganese.

However, most sandy soils do not naturally contain these nutrients nor hold on to them very well.

Over time, even good soil becomes depleted and spoiled – that’s why it’s important to keep up with regular soil improvement and fertilisation, to ensure a healthy garden.

Soil Solutions

The key to good soil treatment is accurate testing. Testing will determine exactly which nutrients your soil requires – allowing us to provide the correct fertiliser for your garden. Based on the plants themselves and your desired plant growth, we can prescribe the right soil improvement treatment.

Since plants continually absorb the nutrients from the soil, fertilising is an on-going process. By working with us, you can ensure that your garden flourishes now, and in the long-term. 

“Absolutely excellent gardeners! Our garden has never looked so good! I had a few things that I wanted done regularly (e.g. mowing/weeding etc) and then said to take initiative and do whatever will make the garden look nicer – and they do!! Can’t recommend them highly enough. Also just a really nice group of people, you can’t go wrong with Perth Gardening”

– Chloe Domville-Lewis

“Perth Gardening have been fantastic to work with. Very good communication when discussing jobs and prompt delivery of services. The garden looks fantastic and has made looking after it so much easier. I would highly recommend their services.”

— Andrew S. in Mosman Park

“Their work on both our front and rear yards will add considerably to the appeal of our property & hopefully maximise the sale price. We found them reliable, efficient and hard-working and will not hesitate to use them again and recommend them to friends and family.”

– Mike P. in Bicton

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Can we take care of your garden?

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Have Questions? Read through our FAQs...

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions when it comes to our fertilising and soil improvement services in Perth. If you don’t see what you need – just get in touch with our friendly team!

Why is soil improvement before planting important?

Planting new stock is like an investment, and before any investment careful research and due diligence are important; soil improvement is like an insurance that your “investment” will happily grow.

How often should I fertilise my plants?

When it comes to fertilising it really depends on the product that you’re using, some are slow release fertiliser which mean that they will release the nutrients over time and some are “instant”; it is important to read the manufacturer instruction carefully. In sandy soils we recommend to use less than the recommended dose but a little more often. Too much fertiliser can burn your plants but can also cause serious environmental risks by leaching and polluting the water ways.

Do my native plants need a special fertiliser?

Yes, most native plants don’t like Phosphorus (P); select your fertiliser carefully and make sure to do your research before applying fertiliser. In doubt, head down to your local nursery and ask for advise or of course leave it to our experts landscape gardeners during your next garden maintenance.

Can you test my sandy soil?

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Can you take care of my fertilising all year?

All our garden maintenance package includes the application of fertilisers and wetting agent, our experts landscape gardeners will know what to apply and when to do so.

What soil should I use in my plant pots?

There are loads of option when it comes to the soil for pots and the best bet is to go to your local garden shop and let them know what plants are going in the pots. Obviously, each type of plant will need its own blend, but as a general rule of thumb, aim to get a general potting mix.