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The correct application of mulch is about more than weed prevention. Good-quality mulching will also help to retain water in the soil, by acting as an insulation layer – often essential in the Perth summer.

Re-mulching is also important, to ensure your plant beds remain in peak condition throughout the year. Depending on your plants and soil, we’ll determine which mulch will be most beneficial to your garden; shredded pine, river rock, pea straw, bark, post pealing, or mushroom compost. Based on our skills and experience in garden maintenance, we’ll also ensure mulch is laid to the right depth; ensuring correct water penetration and weed prevention.

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Let our experienced landscapers choose the right mulch for your garden, and apply it with care and skill. You’ll notice the difference it makes both to the appearance of your garden, and the growth. To get started, please request a quote.

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