Installing Garden Beds

Does the poorly draining soil in your front and backyard prevent you from growing flowers, herbs, and fruits and vegetables? You don’t have to make drastic changes to your land. All you need is to create a separate space for them to grow. Here at Perth Gardening, we offer in-ground and raised garden beds for different types of properties.

Planting on garden beds is a well-known technique for greenery that need better drainage and higher yields. Plants need sun, water and good soil to thrive. If one of them is missing, you may find it difficult to keep your plants in the healthiest condition.

By using our Perth garden beds, you have a better chance of controlling the environment and growth of your plants — the type of soil they’re in, the water they absorb and many more. Don’t settle for the soil that’s available in your property. If our in-ground beds don’t work, then leave them and use our raised option instead.

Want to add a garden bed to your property? We can help.

Our garden beds in Perth come in different materials and layouts. While wood is the most popular option, we can provide blocks, pavers and stones according to request. If you don’t know where to install yours, our team will gladly help you find the ideal spot in your property so you can start planting.

Feel free to contact us for more details about the types of garden beds we offer. Our line is open for inquiries, requesting quotes and booking for installation.

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