Winter Gardening Tips for Perth

pink umbrella and gumboots winter gardening perth

Winter Gardening Tips for Perth Gardens

With the temperature dropping, many of the plants are slowing their growth rates and eventually will become dormant but this is not the case for every plant.  Weeds will be growing more then ever!

Winter is also a great time to prune your trees and shrubs and plant annual bulbs, but also is good for planning for the next season, and checking your reticulation system is in good shape.

Read more to find out what should be done in your Perth garden this Winter.

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Methods of Weed Control

gardening trowel weeding perth

Weed Control in Perth gardens

The dreaded W-word… A constant thorn in the side (and eyes) of gardeners everywhere.

Ironically, a lot of our common weeds today were introduced by early settlers in Perth as garden plants! However, they took to our fair country much too well and are now prevalent enough to cause problems that are more than just their appearance. So really, a weed can be defined as any plant growing where it’s not wanted!

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Australian Flora: 3 Beautiful Blooms for Your Garden

white and pick hibiscus flowers

Any homeowner will be proud to have a well-kept and colourful garden. What better way to have it than to plant beautiful blooms? As one of the driest places in the world, Australia may not seem like the place to cultivate them. But, the country is home to some of the loveliest flora. Here are three flower species you may want to have in your garden.

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