Winter Gardening Tips for Perth

Winter Gardening Tips for Perth

Winter Gardening Tips for Perth Gardens

With the temperature dropping, many of the plants are slowing their growth rates and eventually will become dormant but this is not the case for every plant.  Weeds will be growing more then ever!

Winter is also a great time to prune your trees and shrubs and plant annual bulbs, but also is good for planning for the next season, and checking your reticulation system is in good shape.

Read more to find out what should be done in your Perth garden this Winter.


Autumn Lawncare Tips for Perth

Autumn Lawncare Tips for Perth

The temperature has dropped and the colder months are coming – here are some lawn care tips you can use make sure your lawn comes out on the other side of winter happy, healthy and ready for you and your family to enjoy!

Fertilising Tips for Autumn: 

If you have chosen to fertilise your lawn once a year, the best time to apply fertiliser is in spring – but as landscape gardeners, we recommend fertilising your lawn twice a year, and spring and autumn are the best seasons. 


Giving your lawn a boost in autumn is a great way to prepare it for the colder, harsher months of winter, keeping it in the best condition to resist damage due to frost, cold and sudden temperature changes.

Choose a liquid fertiliser which contains seaweed, fish, organic compounds and amino acids – it might not smell great but your lawn will love it!

Mowing Tips:

The colder months mean you don’t have to mow your lawns as frequently, as the rate of growth slows down significantly – less work for you or your gardener!


Mow your lawn every 3-5 weeks during autumn and winter, and do not cut the grass lower than 2.5 cm. If you cut it too short in the colder months, you can damage your lawns, resulting in browning and ‘scalping’. Repeatedly cutting your lawns too short can weaken your grass and leave it open to disease and weeds. If you aren’t too sure how often to mow your lawn, just mow whenever your grass is longer than 6cm.

While leaving leaves and grass clippings on your lawns during summer can help provide nutrients, we recommend removing them during colder months to allow your grass to get as much access to the sunlight and air as possible. If you have trees which are blocking all the sun, you may also want to prune them more in the colder months for the sake of your lawn. 

Watering Tips:

Turn off your sprinklers! Keep an eye on the rainfall, but unless your grass looks and feels very dry and it hasn’t rained in a while, you do not need to water it in late autumn or winter. And if you do water it – only do so in the early morning so it has all day to absorb the water it needs and let the rest evaporate. If your lawn is too wet, it can become vulnerable to fungi or disease. 


Perth has such hot, dry summers that autumn and winter are great opportunities for your lawns to regenerate, soaking up the extra water and growing stronger, healthier root systems that will keep them in better shape when the temperatures rise again. 

Talk to your gardener to see what steps you can take now to look after your lawns – or give our team a call to book in our lawn care services, from fertilising to mowing, weeding and general garden care. 

Gardening Tips for March

Gardening Tips for March

Autumn Gardening Tips

We are now entering Autumn in Perth… and finally starting to feel it! Some did say that Summer might continue into these next few months as it came later than usual, but the colder mornings and growing amounts of leaves on the ground speak for themselves!

Prepare to be fighting those pesky leaves for the next few months, but also take some time to enjoy those glorious colours of Autumn! We just love how it goes from stunningly royal displays of purple in the Summer, to those golden and warm orange tones – always something beautiful to spy around our home here in Perth.


Gardening Tips for August

Gardening Tips for August

August Gardening Tips for Perth Gardens

August means that we are just about done with the winter months, and now it’s all about getting ready for spring.

There are plenty of tasks to keep you busy throughout August so that you’re prepared for the full showing of September onwards.  (more…)

August Edible Garden Update

August Edible Garden Update

August Edible Garden Tips

August signals the last month of winter and time to start preparing for spring planting. In the Perth climate already we are able to begin to plant a wider variety of fruits and vegetables – just beware that a few will need to be protected initially from any remaining overnight and early morning frost. So, time to come out of hibernation and get back into the veggie garden. In this article a list of what can be planted in August (more…)