Frequently asked questions about Gardening in Perth and our landscape maintenance services

How often should I mow my lawns in Perth?

Regular maintenance is key, that way it stays at a healthy height and never reaches the stage where you might lose a pet or child in the forest that has grown in your backyard! More seriously, it depends on your lawn type, your watering efficiency and the overall health of your soils and turf. As a rule of thumb, Buffalo lawns require a fortnightly mowing in Summer and monthly mow in Winter, on the other hand, Couch and Kikuyu type lawns require much more regular mowing, you’ll be out there weekly in Summer and fortnightly to 3 weekly in Winter.

Do I really need a professional gardener for my maintenance?

We believe that your garden is a valuable asset to your home and your lifestyle and should be taken care of by experienced hands. Sure, you can find plenty of people who will mow and weed for a quick buck, but will they be able to provide optimised and personal care based on your specific plants, your area, your lawn type, and prevent problems from occurring in the future with seasonal, preventative care? Probably not. Besides what a professional experience landscape gardener would do in 1 hour, an amateur might take 2 or 3 hours. It’s worth investing in regular quality care that gives you a consistently healthy garden and prevents expensive problems in the long-run. But that’s just our professional opinion 😉

How do I create a good landscape design/layout for my garden?

It can be daunting to try and create a landscape design from scratch. If you want some help getting started, we provide a service where our professional designer will come and carry out an onsite consult, offering heaps of valuable advice and suggestions to send you in the right direction. After this, most of our clients have a clear idea of what they want and can either go ahead themselves, or engage us to carry out the work for them.

Do you offer complete garden maintenance services?

We sure do. We can either help out and come around from time to time to take care of the bigger jobs like your tree prunings, garden hedging, roses pruning, or you can pick one of our packages and have total garden maintenance taken care of year-round. We offer everything from lawn care to mulching and weeding, fertilizing or irrigation checks… so you can score yourself a beautiful, hands-free garden to enjoy!

My lawn is dying but I water it daily!

This usually means that there is a problem with the lawn itself, often a type of fungus that needs treating before the lawn will recover. Your best bet is to get someone out to evaluate what the problem might be, run some tests and provide accurate solution.

I don’t want to have to weed my garden – what are my options?

Weeds are the bane of every gardener’s existence, we fully understand! We recommend mulching as it is both beneficial to your garden as well as a weed-deterrent. We find that weed matting is much less effectual, while being less attractive and beneficial for your garden.

A third alternative is out-sourcing – get us to take that off your hands and then you never have to think about it again!

How can I edge my garden beds so grass doesn’t grow?

There are various options out there and it depends on your budget, the type of grass, how much time you want to invest into managing it,…

We love metal edges for their ease of install and relatively cheap price, plastic edges are also an option but we obviously don’t recommend the use of plastic in gardens; an other alternative very popular in Perth is to build limestone garden edges.

What soil should I use in my plant pots?

There are loads of option when it comes to soil for pots and the best bed is to go to your local garden shop and let them know what plants are going in the pots, obviously each type of plant will need it’s on blend but as a general rule of thumb aim to get a general potting mix.

How often should I water my lawn?

This is a tricky question, the water corporation will say that you’re allowed to water twice a week when on scheme water and 3 times a week on a bore. The real question here is how should I water my lawn? Lawns and plants are better watered in the morning so they can use up the water during the day, the other consideration is how to apply the water, water is better applied in smaller quantity over a longer period of time to avoid run-offs. We also offer reticulation checks and system evaluation.

What makes your company unique?

We aren’t just Perth Gardening Experts, we are a full-service company under the umbrella of Perth Landscaping Group, which has specialised branches of Landscaping, Gardening and Reticulation. This means we can look after your valuable property from Design to Maintenance to water-wise irrigation. Our teams are trained, experienced, have the greenest of thumbs and a passion for creating beautiful outdoor spaces for our clients. So whatever your garden needs – we can supply!